Call-098134,67193 for GPS vehicle tracking device with guarantee in shimla

Call-098134,67193 for GPS vehicle tracking device with guarantee in shimla
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Vtrack & Co.                            BENEFITS  Dispatch Department- Dispatch department can manage the dispatch schedule as the manager will beaware of the vehicle position. The GPS fleet tracking system provided by Smartrac will make it possiblefor managers to appoint drivers to number of jobs without the incurring additional cost of hiring moredrivers or procuring additional vehicles. GPS based vehicle tracking system facilitate you in effectiverouting of the vehicle, which resulting in increased accuracy, lower fuel consumption and less wear andtear on your vehicles. Accounting Department – GPS will also help you accounts department in managing your accounts.Your accounting department will benefit from the use of reports generated from GPS based trackingsystem, it will help you maintaining accounts of fuel consumption and overtime. Customer Service Department - Making the jobs of the customer service staff easier and morerationalized is another benefit of using the GPS based vehicle tracking system. You can provide qualityservice to the customer by increasing your job efficiency and accuracy, providing accurate status, detailedbilling information and reducing delays in arrival time. Sales Department – GPS based vehicle tracking system will increase the productivity of the organisationbecause of optimum routing, hence, systemizing the sales process by making more appointmentsthroughout the course of a work day, thus, increasing your sales volume. On the other hand you can alsomonitor your sales staff and their productivity GPS fleet tracking system. Upper Management – By using the GPS based Vehicle Tracking you will surely your increased efficiencysaves time and money, which results in a larger return on your investment. You can pass on the benefitsto your customers with the facility of up-to- the minute information. These improve the image of yourcompany and increase your customer base, too! BENEFITS TO THE CUSTOMER · Flexibility : Can be used by any computer from any location.24 hrs/Day and 7 days a week. Nospecial software required. · Multi-Vehicle tracking : All vehicles in your fleet can be seen on screen at the same time · Realtime : Position updates every 5 seconds · Reporting and Alerts :Geo-Fence Alerts - Instant notification if a vehicle moves outside permitted AreaSpeeding Alerts - Automatically sends e-mail notifying you of drivers exceeding speed limits. · Security : Driver can intimate the emergency by pressing a panic button provided with the system.Supports recovery of stolen vehicle, or watch progress of vehicle on-route with 5 second updates. · Immobilizing : You can stop your vehicle by just sending a SMS in case of any emergency such ashijacking of the vehicle. · Goods in Transit Alert: Reports on unscheduled usage of power operated equipment during ajourney. · Exception Reports: Gives accurate details of all activities outside prescribed limits. · Journey History: Each journey is recorded and archived to the main server for an unlimited time andcan be accessed instantly. · Extensive Report: Reports of all types can be generated with a period ranging past 6 months. · For parents, it takes some of the worry out of your Kids driving long distances home from collegeYou know where they are and when to expect them home Features                                                                                    The fleet management system software has extensive reporting capabilities.  Following reporting capabilities are included in the system. Vehicle Trip ReportDistance traveled ReportSpeeding monitoring ReportVehicle idle/stop time ReportSensor report like ignition sensor, door sensor, A.C sensor, Fuel Sensor.Immobilize/Mobilize facilities to protect vehicle from theft/security purpose.Daily/Monthly summary ReportApart from these, reports can be made readily available according to specific requirements.

Year: 2014

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